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Quality Management Policy Statement

The Quality Management Policy of Motheo TVET College is informed by, and underpins the Vision and Mission Statement of the college.

Field of Operation

The Motheo TVET College is a multi-purpose provider with its core business located within the TVET Sector (NQF Levels 2-4) with limited offerings in the General Education and Training and Higher Education and Training Sectors.

Policy Statement

The Management of the college, in accordance with the provisions of the TVET Act, Act 98 of 1998 as amended, and in adherence to the principle of co-operative governance as enshrined in Chapter 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, shall at all times:

  • Adopt and implement the principles of democracy and inclusivity, transparency and fairness,
  • Pursue the principles of equity, gender equality, representivity and empowerment,
  • Employ quality management practices that are reliable, customer friendly and accountable at all levels
  • of operation throughout the college,
  • Ensure that effective mechanisms are put in place to monitor, review and improve on all practices, operations and services of the college,
  • Value, support and facilitate the continuous development of staff at all levels as individuals and teams to meet changing needs and to deliver a quality service,
  • Take active steps to assist students to achieve their potential,
  • Make the best use of resources and develop a culture of sustainability.

The college shall at all times strive to provide quality learning programmes and services that:

  • Are accessible to all members of society,
  • Are cost effective,
  • Are affordable and provide value for money,
  • Remove barriers to learning,
  • Are relevant and responsive to the training and skills needs of the immediate community, commerce and industry,
  • Respond to provincial and national human resource requirements,
  • Provide satisfaction of the learning experience for all learners and customers,
  • Employ assessment practices that are criterion referenced and competency based,
  • Foster the personal growth and development of learners,
  • Advance the concept of life long learning,
  • Facilitate the transition from Further Education and Training to Higher Education and Training.

The college shall ensure the continued development and improvement of learning programmes and services by:

  • Implementing a system of ongoing and record keeping to ensure that all activities and services, practice and adhere to the provisions of the Quality Assurance Management System,
  • Implementing a system of regular review, auditing and analysis to pinpoint areas in need of improvement, development and remediation, and determine affordability and cost effectiveness,
  • An active involvement in curriculum and pragramme development at national level,
  • Conducting ongoing research into existing and potenial areas of operation with a view to improving the level and quality of service delivery,
  • Establishing partnerships and co-operations with national and international stakeholders and structures known for their quality service delivery,
  • Continuously gaining and positively responding to customer feedback and inputs,
  • Providing opportunities for skilling and personal development to all staff at all levels to improve competence quality service delivery.


Quality Integrated Learning for Life and Work